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The Lyles family humbly invites you to the Lyles residences to take family portraits.


Each year the Lyles family designs their second living room with Christmas decorations and props, and invites friends and family over to take portraits. You are welcome to call or text Charles at (213) 369-7343 to set up an appointment anytime between the dates of November 22nd and December 17th.

How much is it?

Free! You will receive a Google Drive link with your photos in JPEG format for you to download once they are done.

Plan on sending holiday greeting cards?

We’ll do it for you! We’ve designed a custom greeting card for the occasion. On the front of the card is a holiday frame with a removable printed photo from your portrait shoot. A set of 25 cards with 25 prints will be $75. Need more, let us know and we will accommodate your needs.

We're excited and looking forward to creating holiday memories with you!

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