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Ugli Sunset Design Co.

Producing appeal and impact to your brand or lifestyle with graphic design and photography. Est. 2022

About USDC

We started off as a humble photography business. Once graphic design came into the picture so did branding and many other creative opportunities. It was necessary to start over to build a brand that best represents what we do now, record the process, and teach others how to do it. The main plan is to be a one-stop shop for visually focused products and services that are aesthetic and thought-provoking while making sure a problem is solved and monitor the results.

Experience is also an important element and rounds out our focus on the "Art of business & business of art" formula. Transparency, communication, presentation and innovation are nessisary features of the experience and has been nourished to cater to a veriety of cultures and communities and their specific needs.

Charles Lyles III

Founder, Graphic Designer & Photographer


Graphic Design (AA), San Joaquin Delta College

Business Admin. (AS), San Joaquin Delta College

Graphic Design (BFA) Fresno State (current)

A Bit About Me

Welcome to this dark corner of the internet. Since you're here, how about I give a proper introduction? Born and raised in California, father of 2, Fresno State student. I've been a photographer for 5 years and a graphic designer for 3 years. I'm all about the visuals. my experience caters to branding, and product design as well. In my free time, you can find me DJing, working on creative projects, fixing this site and pondering on creative ways to solve the worlds differences. Most of my work is freelance with a few collaborations and partnerships here and there.

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Here is a photo of Charles with famous graphic designer Aaron Draplin of the Draplin Design Co.

We're cool people. Chat with us!

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